Advance Care Planning

What is Advance Care Planning?

Advance Care Planning is about planning ahead for your future healthcare needs.  It is also about letting your family and doctors know your decisions.
This is in case you are sick or injured and are unable to tell us what you want. Also it is in case you are too unwell to make decisions for yourself.

There are three simple steps:
     1. Appoint someone to be your ‘Voice’.
     2. Talk with your family, friends and doctor about your values and health care wishes.
     3. Write down your wishes for future treatments.

For a copy of the West Gippsland Healthcare Group Advance Care Plan form, click here.
You may also like to use this Getting Started ACP Workbook, developed by Monash Health Advance Care Planning Service, to help you start thinking about your possible future needs and treatment choices.


For More Information

For more information or help with Advance Care Planning, talk to your local GP or the team at your health clinic, or ask a hospital staff member.
For a copy of our “Who is my Voice?” brochure, click here.

Many other resources are also available from Advance Care Planning Australia


Share Your Care Plan

Please give a copy of your Advance Care Plan to your family, your doctor and to your hospital.
If posting a copy of your Advance Care Plan to us, please mail to:

     Medical Records
     West Gippsland Healthcare Group
     41 Landsborough Street
     WARRAGUL, VIC, 3820