People Matter Survey 2013 now open

Monday 13 May 2013
The survey will run from Monday 13th May 2013 through to Sunday 26th May 2013.

Click here to access the survey.

Central Gippsland Health Service has agreed to participate in the People Matter Survey run by the State Services Authority. The survey will run from Monday 13th May 2013 through to Sunday 26th May 2013.  The purpose of the survey is to measure employees perceptions of the values and principles underpinning our organisation’s culture and operations. The survey also gathers information on a broad range of people management issues including job satisfaction, and the way in which our organisation, managers and workgroups operate.

The Executive encourage your participation in this year’s survey. Whilst participation is voluntary, feedback will contribute to the improvement of people management practices within our organisation.  This is an important opportunity for you to have your say.

This year the survey will be in the form of paper based and online.  We will be once again have a department prize, the department who receives the highest percentage of completions based on the total number of participation will win.

The two options for completing the survey, will be as follows:

  • Paper based – each Manager will handout to their staff (only part-time/fulltime) a paper based survey, the employee will then complete and return back to their Manager.  The Manager will then mark that employee as having completed the survey on their staff listing.  Casual employees will be able to collect a survey from either Human Resources or Swithboard.
  • Online (click here to access 2013 survey) – the online survey will be able to be completed on any organization computer as well as access in Human Resources and the Library by using the desktop shortcut.