Transition Nursing


..stepping up to professional practice

Our Transition program is designed for the Registered nurse seeking to build and advance skills and knowledge in professional practice.  The Clinical Practice and Transition programs are tailored to individual need and career pathways.  Suitability is decided on an individual basis to ensure alignment of learning needs that place the nurse at the centre.


The Clinical Practice year includes,

   * Typically post Nurse Graduate Year
    * Consolidation of practice 
    * Self-directed study &learning 
    * Completion of mandatory competencies 
    * A contract of one year that includes 1-2 rotations

The Transition year includes,

   * Articulation into a pathway of postgraduate study
   * A 'speciality area' one year contract 
   * Completion of ALS package (if applicable) 
   * Completion of mandatory competencies 
   * Achievement of clinical hurdles 
   * Clinical, professional and academic capability informing a postgraduate study pathway


 Specialty rotations are offered in,

    •     * Critical care
    •     * Emergency
    •     * Operating Suite
    •     * Women’s and Children’s
    •     * Palliative Care 
    •     * Oncology
    •     * Renal Dialysis
    •     * Medical/Surgical
    •     * Aged Care
    •     * Rural

Our Transition Nurse programs are advertised annually in September, both internally and externally and commence in February.

Email for further information.