Community Advisory Group

At Bass Coast Health (BCH), we place great importance on the value of consumer partnership

Consumers can often provide valuable insights into health care delivery by bringing a different perspective based on personal experiences of health issues and health care.

We deliver services to a diverse community with varying needs, education levels and financial means. By listening to the voice of our community through our consumers, we can ensure our services are responsive to changing consumer needs.

Bass Coast Health welcomes the input of interested community members who provide a fresh look at projects and can bring new ideas and thoughts to established processes.

Consumer participation is a key strategy in our commitment to collaboration, progress and accountability as an organisation.

Community Advisory Group members are asked to contribute their views in areas of service delivery that impact upon them or people they care about as we strongly believe that service delivery is best when consumers are involved.


Members of the Community Advisory Group will:

  • Provide a crucial role in enabling Bass Coast Health to achieve it’s strategic goals and remain aligned with our Vision.
  • Be welcomed and accepted as part of a team focused on quality improvement and consumer engagement.
  • Participate and provide feedback in a respectful manner across a range of issues and perspectives.
  • Be provided with information to make sure you can contribute effectively, including training and education.
  • Be given the opportunity to ensure that issues are clarified and explanations are shared in a positive manner.
  • Be given equal opportunity to express and share opinions and to be acknowledged for such contributions.


To be eligible to participate in the Community Advisory Group, you will be a resident of Bass Coast Shire and/or a regular user, directly or indirectly, of services provided by Bass Coast Health.

Panel Membership

To indicate your interests in becoming a member of Bass Coast Health’s Community Advisory Group, simply email to find out further information.